Just BEET it

It’s BEETs season again! According to nutritionists and doctors, the best way to maintain a healthy diet is to eat in-season vegetables and fruits.

If you are planning to grow beets in your backyard, the best weather conditions are cool-seasons like spring and fall, which offer the ideal temperature 70-80 degrees.

Dr.Amrita Ahluwalia classifies beets as a superfood in her research article. Your dietician will advocate madly to get it added to your menu due to its high water and low-calorie contents.

Most noteworthy nutrients that beet has to offer are nitrates, vitamin C, folate, fiber, betalains, Vitamin B-6, Manganese, and phosphorous, etc.

Here is why these nutrients matter:

  1. Dietary Nitrates: Regulates blood pressure and improves productivity.
  2. Vitamin-C: Rejuvenate Skin and makes you look younger.
  3. Folate: Helps in cell regeneration.
  4. Fiber: Improves digestions and reduces bad cholesterol.
  5. Betalains: Have anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. Vitamin B-6: Increases the red-blood count.

Beets are not just super healthy, but they bring vibrant colours and yummy flavours to your cuisine too. The beautiful bulb of the beet is used in almost all varieties of cuisines.

You can find beets from household cooking to high-end restaurants and from Asian street foods to European fine-dining menus.

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